School Holiday Camps

During the school year, February, Easter, Whitsun, Summer, October and Xmas time the schools break up and as parents we need to sometimes find ways to keep our kids occupied especially during the 6 weeks of Summer.

At HG Education we know that not all children like sport so a camp that focuses on sport would not be ideal for our kids. At HG Education we run STEM Camps or (Science, Technology, Engineering and a bit of Maths) camps through the use of LEGO, RC Cars or Quadcopter building.

School Holiday Camps

Half Term Camps

During the Half Term Camps (February, October and Xmas), we run camps from our Well End Activity Centre, based at WD6 5PR.

During these camps we run Introduction to Robotics, Robotics Programming Courses for children aged 6 – 13.

Our camp can only hold a maximum of 15 children so early booking is essential. Priced from £36.00 per child per day and getting discounted to £32.00 per day if you book the whole week.

Half Term Camps start at 09:30 in the morning and finish at 03:30 in the afternoon. If you wish to drop your child off earlier and pick them up later just call the office and we will try our best to accommodate at no extra charge to you unless we need to.

Summer Camps

This is where the fun really happens. During Easter and Summer we do all our big projects like building Quadcopters, Rockets, Hexacopters, RC Cars, EV3 Programming and they really are very enjoyable courses. They also have a much higher price tag as the children get to take home most of the items they design.

Quadcopter / Hexacopter Course – Summer Camps

Last summer 2014, we started our own build your own quadcopter courses whereby three children successfully built and flew their own Quadcopters.

Summer Camps - Quadcopters

Quadcopters Built

This year we are also introducing HEXACOPTER builds which are more challenging and require a further two days to complete.

For the price of the Quadcopter or Hexacopter courses, each child will take home a unit with a remote controller, one battery and battery charger. Batteries will be different voltages depending on which model is built but can be upgraded during the camp if need be.

RC Racing Cars – Summer Camps

This year after a three year absence we are pleased to reintroduce, our Radio Controlled Racing Cars.

There are levels this year, beginners, intermediate and advance with each level being harder, more expensive, longer to build and typically runs faster.

RC Racing Car - Summer Camp

Beginners RC Racing Car – Summer Camp














At our School Holiday camps children learn lots of life experiences, like learning to solder, and putting together car systems.

The build above is a really simple build, and the intermediate build looks like the model shown below.

School Holiday Camps

Beetle RC Cars – School Holiday Camps

This model, comes complete to build and takes about two days to build with a day to maintain and race the car. Great fun to race.





The final model for the Summer Camps for 2015 is a very advanced build, and will take a good 4 days to build. Its great fun and goes very fast.


RC Car Completed

Summer Camps Advanced RC Build

Here is the completed model and its great fun to drive.

If you would like to build something bigger like a 1:8 scale or even 1:7 scale then call the office and we will endeavour to find something bigger.

A couple of years ago 3 students built models that were not even on our agenda and we had to get them in specially.

If you are interested in any of our School Holiday Camps, Half Term Camps or Summer Camps, please call us on 01707 248 607 or visit the website to make further enquiries or book.

If your child is interested in learning about Robotics and Programming then we offer 3 day programming courses whereby the children learn basic programming using the LEGO EV3 modules.

This year we are also offering robot programming using SCRATCH and JAVA. This is the first time we have any run a programming course designed around languages that can be used outside of the camp.

We run camps aimed at 6 – 13 year olds but if your child is less than 6 we can cater for them but find that they sometimes find the robot building a bit difficult. We can arrange to bring along lots of normal LEGO so that the younger children can play with LEGO City and lots of other LEGO Categories.

A few years ago we use to do rocket building for children aged 10 and above. We do have a few days of rocket building subject to numbers. Cost for these camps being a two day event are £110.00 and the child gets to take their rockets home with them.

All of these camps are bookable online bar the rocket building which you have to call up for.

Look forward to seeing your child at camp really soon.



LEGO Birthday Party

Here at HG Education, we pride ourselves in our LEGO Birthday Parties.

The LEGO Parties are so much fun that children and parents keep coming back for more.

Your child is aged between 6 and 8 and wants a LEGO Party, but you as a parent don’t know what to offer them.

We offer lots of different types of LEGO Parties from simple building to very complicated Robot Wars Parties for the older children.

LEGO Parties – What Happens

Our LEGO Parties are unique in that for the younger children they get to build their own models and then take the models home with them so they can either play with them or add them to their existing collection. The models have to fit inside one of our special boxes to keep the size down but you can make some really large creations even with this restriction in place.

One the building element of the party is over the children get to build a tower out of DUPLO(r) and race to see who can build the highest tower. Usually the parents join in at this stage to make it even more exciting,

After this activity, the children wash their hands and then sit down to lunch or tea. After about 30 minutes and once the birthday cake has been taken away, we resume the LEGO Party with lots of party games.

We supply our own “Pass the Parcel”, full of sweets and other prizes. Afterwards we play Musical Statues, or Muscial bumps or some other party game.

At the end of the party the birthday boy or girl is present with a LEGO Birthday Party Gift that is theirs to take home with them.

LEGO Birthday Party – Themes

Various party themes are available like City, Star Wars, Space, Super Heroes, Mission Impossible. We have done LEGO Parties based on Ninjago, Minecraft and others but the choice is totally yours.

To get an idea on cos just visit our Birthday Party Booking page.

LEGO Birthday Parties

Who can build the tallest tower. LEGO Party

A recent LEGO Party Testimonial:-

My son and 2 of his friends shared a “LEGO Party In The Box” and I could not have been happier with the services HG Education provided. Howard and Lawrence kept the boy engaged throughout and this is not easy considering there were 28 six year olds. There was 30 minutes of LEGO Building with all the children trying to make star wars ships and with the help of Howard and Lawrence (and a couple of mums who didn’t want to miss out).

Then there was a hilarious DUPLO tower building competition. The boys were split into 3 groups, (one for each birthday boy) and they had to see who could build the tallest tower. Good fun and the children (and parents) had a great time. After the food and cake, there were party games which all the children loved. All in all, everyone had a great time and I would thoroughly recommend HG Education for anyone with children who like LEGO Parties.

Sue, Amersham


LEGO Birthday Party – Cakes

Travelling around the country doing LEGO Parties, there’s always a birthday cake involved and some mothers find the time to bake these wonderful LEGO Cakes. None of them bake cakes as a full time job but spend the evening prior to the party making these fantastic works of art.

If you are interested in LEGO Birthday Parties, then call the office on 01707 248 607 and speak to Emma or Howard.

Toms Birthday Cake

LEGO Birthday Party Cake

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